Monday, May 18, 2009

medical bill

yesterday, read about the my personal money magazine talk about medical read about thestarblog, one family send their father to gleneagle and cost them almost 400k to do the is very scary..this might happen to my family as well..brought my dad for appoitment in HUKM, last 2 months, to see 2 specialist, got appointment in June and Aus respectively..if this is urgent, i think the person would have die..also read about this in the magazine explain the authority on why the health care cannot be improve, the reason given, was it is in very difficult situation, and they actually expect the health care role to be co-responsible by both government and private. one example they give, if the health care is improve, their analysis is the patient will increase bcos those can afford also will visit the goverment the current model is actual working on the assumption that whoever can afford, please go to private hospital and only these no choice, meaning, cannot pay for it or don't have the insurance policy to cover it, will need to wait the long queue in the government hospital til you die..

i wonder what is the model of these developed coutry, as seen in the hollywood movies, it seem in US, they need insurance to cover the medical bill..last time in UK, these student still can get certain medical benefit for free or minimun cost..i did some dentist repair

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