Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stomach pain

was in sunday sending maid back to agent, then sunway pyramid..taken lunch at chickenriceshop..quite or very hungry. taken 2 plates of rice..after peopsi, suddently felt very full..bloded..the whole afternoon not comfortable, thought it is indigestable..then wash car at about 6pm..about 8pm..suddently there is a severe pain at the right hand side of stomach, it is at stomach not at the bottom, hence, not a appendice..thought that it will go away in a while..hence go to about 1130 pm, it come back..cannot take it go to see doctor..shits when at the doctor is gone..seen the doctor, did a abdomen check, said not stomach because it is at the side, there is where the liver and gold bladder did mentioned about stone, then i told him not, i did the ultra sound last couple of month it is a polyp..about 3mm..not stone, confirm by dr who did the ultra sound..

then until now, there is no severe pain anymore..still need find out what is the reason..dr also mentioned oily can the oily food cause such a sever pain???need to do some research..

read about this, health and wellness, nothing much, just mentioned on the symtoms below..

Symptoms to track along with right side abdominal paininclude: fever, appetite changes, pain fluctuation, vomiting, nausea, bloating, changes in bowel habits, relationship to the menstrual cycle, and if the pain is affected by food, pressure or bodily position.

i did have bloating, besides that nothing..

this woman also got same thing, but she got nausea - define by wiki - s the sensation of unease and discomfort in the stomachwith an urge to vomit. - me don't. she might need to do CT scan to see clearly the internal structure..look serious..there is a mentioned of gall bladder issues..what is gall bladder..from google chinese it mean function is to help the fatty food, not wonder dr ask me if I eat alot of fatty food last the most common sickness is gallstone, also mentioned by dr..

picture said thousand word..see here the picture from assets..

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