Monday, May 04, 2009

Canon digital camera

wanted to buy the digital camera, mean not the idiot camera, the real thing, but not so real..due to budget constraints..get the price from canon

EOS 450D Recommended Retail Price: RM 2,799.00

EOS 500D Recommended Retail Price: RM 3,663.00

EOS 40D Recommended Retail Price: RM 3,399.00

EOS 50D Recommended Retail Price: RM 4,999.00

EOS 1000D Kit EFS 18-55 Recommended Retail Price: RM 2,199.00

updated 20090518 - ask at canon shop at law yatt, standard canon package . 4GB batter and bag - RM 2050

updated 20090505

check out the canon concept in pavilion...EOS 1000, the price shown in the shop same as internet price, RM 2199, bundle all in, tripod, bag, strip, len (18-55mm), battery (litihium), charge, usb, 2 GB SD card, usb cable. canon give 3% discount(RM2133). The package quite flexible, if don want the bag, can replace with other thing like len protector etc. Also confirm that my ol canon eos lens can be used, so long as can fix into my old canon will be able to fix in this one..I think I should look for body only, then use back my old lens. Ask about the powershot as well, the price is about the same, just that cannot change lens.

updated 20090506 - check out at harvey norman shop, retail price is the sam RM 2199, but they give some discount and best price is RM 2099, can negotiate with some free stuff..ask about trade in, they do not take, may be some photo shop will do, so need to ask some photo shop this friday, may be in KLCC..Foto Shop..I think if can trade in let say 200, I will be able to get it below 2k, then I think worth buying canon..

check out at ebay, RM 1900 + RM 10 (postage) = RM2000. WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Canon EOS 1000D KissF, 18-55mm Lens, Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery, Charger, Strap, USB cable, AV Cable, Software CD, User Manual..very tricky, no SD card..about RM ended up same price..

the price is getting lower and lower..may be can get cheaper in lawyat...

CF- compactFlash card, it is more durable and preferred in high end pro digital camera, in rough here..

Another brand is Sony, read here, this guy bought a sony..

updated 20080505 - check out at paviliion sony center.

there are 2 packages, RM 1699 - come with lens, battery, usb cable, charger and lens 18-70mm, and the RM2099, come with len 75-300mm (normal price is RM900). Both package no include the bag and CF (4GB cost RM99 package price, normal price is RM 299).

Also ask about cybershot, RM 1699, same price from sony website, with out memory stick 2GB- RM 99 ( can take about 500 pictures with highest quality). The only thing here is it used memory stick instead of SD card..there is one thing about this camera, it can take HD movie as well..

Need to look at another brand Nikon..

updated 20090506 - check out at harvey norman RM 1499 (best promotion price), come with 4GB SD card and bag. 33 months warranty. Promotion by Panasonic now. 18X optical zoom. So far the higest.

need to read the review here..

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