Monday, May 11, 2009

Recession motivation

many talks or seminar are heard, this morning, from the light and easy, heard this guy talking, robin sharma, talking about leadership, motivation during he is talking about, is to make sure this recession opportunity to be shine or stand, create more vule for customer or for your orgnisation, this is time where everyone is down or demotivated, hence if you can be innovative, and create some values, it will differentitate you with others..

yesterday read about a article on NST about role of CIO, which need to add value to his boss COE, need to try to find a way to cut IT operation, so that can use the budget to do add some value in the value chain..

last week yahoo with one of my old freind, talk like VP, very positive, create opportunity during the down times, sometimes recession is an opportunity, also read some where about this statement..where he was fired, then make use of this opportunity to do his own bussiness, or so called enterpreneur creation opportunity..

i also try to look for business opportunity, try to apply for shell petrol station cannot get it..

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