Saturday, May 09, 2009

philiphave 536

the shave still in good condition, but i think the batter is out, and not worth to repair, according to the sales person, i open it up check out the batter, it was wield on the pcb ..cannot be replace..first need to find if the batter is available for sales..may be jalan pasar will have this batter..

cannot find the model anymore in the philip website..need to call philip customer care to ask about the repair or battey..1800 880 180 ..try to find the email contact..manage to send them email via the support care ..let see if they response..

found the philipshave website..but not seem to be this after chose UK English..

read the FAQ, how long the shaver can last, apparently it is officially recomended by philip it can last for about 5 years..

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