Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Autralia Migration Agent

Singaporean company have office in KL but when wanted to access their website, still under development..

Emigration Center


Kuala Lumpur Branch

Unit 19-02, 19th Floor, Wisma Cosway,

No. 88, Jalan Raja Chulan

50200 Kuala Lumpur


Tel :603-2148-2262

Fax: 603-2145-2262

Email :

Web :

found this guy in the MIRI forum

read this, look like not easy to get the PR ..the processing priority is as below..

1. employer sponsorship

2. State or Territory sponsorship

3. an occupation on the Critical Skills List (CSL)

4. an occupation on the Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL)

5. all other applications in date of lodgement order

based news is now the IT professionali s downgraded to Demand List instead of Critical List as of March 2009..

this guy intepreted it that Computing Profession who are in the MODL still in the CSL true is this?

let check the MODL..

SAP is in the list..wowo..

apparently MODL is different from SOL..

got reply from Aus Immi..look lik CSL is different Dmeand LIst..20090720

Critical Skills List

The Critical Skills List is a list of occupations developed in response

to the changing critical skills needs of Australia. It is focused on

medical and key IT professionals and engineers.

The CSL is more responsive than the Migration Occupations in Demand

List (MODL) in identifying and prioritising applications for skills in

critical shortage.

The CSL will be reviewed regularly by the Government to ensure that it

remains valid and current in the changing circumstances. Processing

applications on this list as soon as possible will ensure our economy gets

the skills it needs now, not simply the migrants who applied first.

Effective from 1 January 2009, occupations that are not included in the

CSL will not be given priority processing unless applicants are sponsored

or nominated by a state or territory government.

The current CSL is available on the department's website at:


For any further enquiries about the application you have lodged please

refer to our website using the following link


Yours sincerely,

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

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