Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free Software

Reference: Personal Money.


Spybot..- use this before when in LKK, I think..

Avira - my old PC now arm with this weapon..umbrella brand..

Zone Alarm, not seem to be free..

Peer Gurdian..from Phoenix Labs..never heard also..


IMGBurn..for burning DVD, CD Nero, but is claim to be far I am still fine with Nero..


this is a piece of work to get into your system and know what are you using..see below..


  • Name and number.

  • Core stepping and process.

  • Package.

  • Core voltage.

  • Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier.

  • Supported instructions sets.

  • Cache information.


  • Vendor, model and revision.

  • BIOS model and date.

  • Chipset (northbridge and southbridge) and sensor.

  • Graphic interface.

Flashget...use this before, not bad, quite light compare to bitcomet etc..

Portable Apps...sound interesting..can put all ur application in thumb is open source, hence OpenOffice is in there..

application in it as below..basically all the free stuff from internet..

Gimp..said to be the photoshop.. tv over the net..


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