Thursday, July 23, 2009

International License

I stay in Cheras, can do in Bandar Pramaisuri..let go..

by the way the hotline number in JPJ portal is working, I called and ask what I need they provide all the information

1. Borang JPJ L1

2. IC photo copy

3. Licence photo copy.

4. Passport size photo 2 piece

5. Money = RM150.

Forgot to ask about CDL..Competent Driving License..called up and ask, look like confuse, from their perspective, CDL is a letter for you to apply for foreign country driving license when you are there..

done in JPJ Bandar Tasik Permasuri..pertty fast, the KPI turn around time is 15 mins..all in I got in less then 30 mins..

look at the country that I can drive..include china as well..

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