Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life in Australia

Out of suddent I got this booklet, I also cannot remember I registered or submit any application for DIAC..but I definitely not submitted my visa application yet, as of I am now in the midst of ACS application..anyway nice reading this book and got some information as try to consolidate some of the information and links..


also ask to read the Beginning a Life in Australia from DIAC..

equal worth, dignity and freedon..humanright..

Australia statistics..

can find some funny information such as below..

this is a good comparison..see malaysia is very young 26 years old..whereas austrlia is at 38 median age..

Australia is aging..median age swift from 30 to 40..

Australia government..

Australia culture..

I wonder I need read this site, foreign affair, it sound very political..

Need to know how to sing national anthem I think at least to be the PR..

Do I need to talk to Prime Minister??

want to know is Melbourne is snowing now?? check out the bom..

go green..environment..

try to find something here, but failed..

can read about some history here..

want to do more read..go to the national library then..

look at this, manage to find SAP version 1.0, I did not SAP also got version 1.0, when I started it is already version 3.0..

let go and have a beer..

take a break and be a volunteer..

no more dcita, change to dbcde..very up to date name, broadband...

might be useful if have kids..

Now come to getting the job to survive..

Jobsearch..try to find SAP job, return zero...

another one difficult to search for job here, better go to jobserve..or seek..

after work too hard need to pay tax..

recession, jobless, need help..go here..

Need help for the family go here..

got sick..go to medicare for free..

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