Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One hour

if you go to citibank office in the old" Lion Builidng", the one opposite ampang park, you can find a corner where there is a big sign for promotion of one-hour credit card approval, see below the leaflet..

ignore about the hand written phone number there first, i talk about that later..

i wanted my credit card urgently, forgot the useless girl la, which was introduce to me by my good nepew..useless..first said can make it less then 10 working days, then suddenly I thought I am going to fly next few day, and call them up, after some talk to the girl, I insist to talk to the manager, they said come to citibank office can make it one hour. Ok then make appointment for 130pm. Reach there 1pm, try to see if can get it done early, but then this guy out for lunch, so still stick to 130pm. actuall when I am there and see the big sign of this 1 hour promotion, feel con already, there is no big deal, they have a counter open there, few green chap there try to sell the credit card apparently. Then come 130pm, I was a bit late, bcos I make use of the half an hour to talk to citibank guy about usd account, apparently no viable.

get my thumd print, like a crimical both hand some more, ask again, now is 145pm, so I can get it by 245pm, YES, said this guy, yes one hour. actually the guy at the counter said around 4pm la, then I look at him, and look at the big sign on the wall besides him - clearly said one hour. ask the guy again, he still insist I wait for one hour, can get the card. OK, I need to make use of my time, hence go to KLCC book shop, bought the stock investment book..then about 245 pm, call this guy up while walking toward citibank, I suspected already because before I leave I told him to call me when the card is read, apparently he did not call me and I need to call him. So expected the card is in process, I tell him off, it is already one hour, I don't want the card to be process I want to hold the card now. Then I F(&& him about the one hour thing la, he admist that is bullshit, he also cannot do anything, then start to tai chi la, it all depend on the person approve it, he cannot do anything..F*(*& la, when I ask one hour he insist for me to wait..

story not finish yet..then I go the counter, ask them to check again, very obviously the first thing thees guy ask me who do for you, not thei gang la, they are very reluntant to help, and keep saying I am doing a favor to help you etc..check said need to wait for 5 minutes to confirm, still process..F)(**(

while I am there, there is one guy pop in to apply for shell card, i told him off straight that the one hour is front of the guy..they admit, say ya, more then one hour la..funny thing is that guy apply for second card, and you know what for old customer you need to wait for 3 to 4 days, but for NEW customer can do it in 'one hour' la..what the f(*() is reverse right old customer can do faster bcos all the data already there..ok corner a bit, come back to my case now..

then i said you guy delivery to me la, I cannot wait ..already waited for one hour as promised then nothing..while I was driving..suddenly this guy call up, about 345, some guy process the card la, inform me my application is cancelled or not approved la, then I said why, he said cannot check the reason...then later the guy call up and cannot approve, reason being my credit limit is not 20k for my existing card, hence cannot get platinum..

then when i back home, I check the cimb statement, it is correct 20k limit, call up that guy again, and this time scan the statement for another issue I am not the principle card, cannot consider la..f()*)(*(*

I ask him to change to shell gold card la news now..

then later suddenly this guy call up again, said they reconsider my platinum application...what now???

so you can see, the service is not as big and nice as the name..f())(*..

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