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Property Jewels

finish this book in 2 days, my records so far - read that fast - now picking up some key point, especially from the story..this is the book..

basically the few chapter in front is fundamental, more for entry level where wanted to know some basic thing like what kind of property categories, etc.

Super Li

Apparently she was inspire by this asian super rich man, which own and develop some street in HK and Beijing..and own it. We are talking about buying a house or two, Super Li is owing a street of building, so imagine how far we are from Super Li.

Take Super Li as idol.

Not My Baby

Similar to Peter Yee, got frustrated by landlord suddend increase of rental, 50% increase, force her to buy another shoplot for her office. Sometimes bad news can create new opportunity, it have trenmendous power in it to force you to do something, of course got to be good. I still remember I was the top score of SRP, this all due to some bad thing happen to me in school, punish badly by the displinery teacher, it created aburing fire within me to strict for the best. Today, I am finding this of energy. Still searching this energy. Hope will find it soon.

Force of uncomfort zone.

Australia's Nightmare

This is something new to me as well, I did not aware that the property purchase in Australia have this kind of term. Basically you need to decide during the grace period, once that is past, there is no way out from the deal, Die die must pick up the property. As compare to Malaysia, we normally still can try to get back the refund, of course minus some so called adminstration fees. Hence, never ever buy the foreight property unless you live for sometimes and know about the regulation there.

NO foreight property please.


Leasehold, leasehold. Sometimes it is a catch 22 situation, to buy or not to buy. Hence the key point here is if it provide good rental, and you are not planning to sell it. By all mean proceed.

Leasehold if rental is good.

74 Years Shock

Normally when we are talking about leasehold, it strike our mind, leasehold = 99 years. But for some weird situation, especially the whole partial of the land was apply for development but the development was carry out partially, hence depend on which phase you are in, the later phase development will not have 99 years lease anymore. I come across the same thing for a piece of land in Cheras, it was sold to the developer partially, and left one about one acra land for petro station, further ask, the land was not longer 99 years, as of hte shop lot which is almost completed, hence the land only leave about 96 years now. Always ask, don't assume it is always 99 years.

Don't assume, get fact.


Carol buy the unit and rented out he ground floor for better rental and to pay her bank loan. She live in upper unit. When she become old, cannot take the stair anymore, she will move down to ground floor and rent out the upper unit. By this time the morgage also almost done. Willing to sacrify and think what come first - loan payment.

Be Flexible

Pass Me Some Salt

I never see this type of banglow before where they join at the wet kitchen. I did come across a link Semi-D, where the back wall is share, meaning at the end there is no extra land and it is wet kitchen and the wall is share with the unit behind. I think this is what she mean for banglow, where there is no extra land and the end. Can this consider as bangalow? I thouhgt bangalow is all 4 sides is land? Also come across another type of bangalow in Penang. Basically they are taking the definition, meaning no shared wall. Hence they build the 2 units next to each other with no share wall but no additinal land, basically it is like link house except the wall is your own, and they manage to classifiy this type of house a bangalow. Crazy people.

Buy Standard Design.

Who care it is rain

Come across this kind of story from some old generation, where they bought the shoplot and stay the uppper unit and ground unit for business. Until today there is still many chinaman shop like this, in Cheras many tyre shop is like this, they stay the upper floor, and shop is at ground floor. This is basically not so good for the kids, there is no compound, but if you are staying in apartment also the same, it is so called 'kap tu' (pigeon hole).


Freddie and Eillen

Not sure how true is like, young couple donwgrade from hond to proton, and even sold some of the married jewelry to get the downpayment for the condo. Within 2 years, they bought 2 condos and have passive income. Hence, Location, Location and Location. Never ever buy the propery which is far from city, the appreciation is slow and rental is low. One mistake I make for my firsrt property, no one guide me and no book talk about this, never go and read as well. Bought one link house in timbutu, end up now still cannot sell it. Recently try to sell it at below cost, still no taker.

Sacrify and start early.

Innocent Little Brandon

Nowaday many people like to sent their kids to international school, cannot blame them. Read the news, the flip-flop policy in Malaysia, changing from bahasa to english and now back to english for science and math. Who suffer, kids of non cabinet member, because all their kids are in international school, who care. Hence Brandon need to wake at 6am at Setapak to go to international school at Sentul and reach home 4 pm after school. I think school like this is no fun. Hence need to move house. I got a friend in HK, they are prepare to move house for the kids school. For them to enrol in the best school is priority. So when buy a HOME, need to take into consideration of the kids school. But no one can control if the science and math going to teach in bahasa or english.

Buy HOME think of kid school.

Fruitful Shopping Trip

Nowaday there are many developer try to sell or promote theyr property in the shopping mall. This Mr How, accidentally bought a semi-d in Putrajaya. Actually there was a time I am also very tempted, to buy or not to buy at these putra or cyber jaya. Evetytime when I drive there, I will lost, the highway was superbly build, every where is highway, hardly see any building, very flat, infact is good, it is kind of like western country where they don't allow tall building to be build. I would say it is a white elephant there after so many years, KL is still the place. Many still refuse to move there and force the MSC status to be extended to KL as well.

Don't buy unplanned property.

How to calculate Short Term ROI

Rental X 10 Months

--------------------- X 100%

Purchase Price

Why 10 months instead of 12 months, basically one month for agent fees and another one month for maintenance, quit rent etc.

Long Term ROI

She put down this Long Term ROI as well, which I still cannot grap the concept.

(Price 20 years later - Donwpayment) / 20 years

------------------------------------------------- X 100%


basically it assume that after you pay the downpayment, you are starting collecting passive income, hence the downpayment is the base for calculation of this ROI.

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