Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gallballder Polyp Treament or Prevention

last night the pain come back, the cause similar to last time, I was pretty hungry, and good appetite as well, then eat, not alot, but eat with hunger..then the indigestion come, stomach not well, can feel that the digestion is lousy..until 9pm, then the pain come when around mid night, drag to wee hours, then go down to take the medcine from pantai, last time couple week ago went there but do nothing, they give me the stupid pain killer jap and kill me for 1 days, total black-out..

from medscape, apparently there are many type of gallbaldder polyp..five infact..

source: mayoclinic.com, read here.

Cholesterol polyps - 60% , 2-10mm in size, i think I fall into this category as of mine is about 4-5mm.

Adenomyomas - 25%, 10-20 mm in size,

Inflammatory polyps -,size about 5-10mm,

above 3 type represent about 95% of the gallbladder..

the best treatment for gallbladder still by surgery to remove it, but when only it's size is bigger then 10mm, hence alternative treatment is cholecystectomy, need to find out what exactly is this...

there is another method prior which is using ultrasound or wave to shatter the stones, but for polyp I think this is not possible..

this picture tell you what is Laparoscopic Cholecstectomy..it is basically oppose to convention Open Cholecstectomy, where doing the open diserting..this one using the tube out through the body to do the work..should be faster recovery..

it is advice to fo the ultrasound every 6 months to monitor the size of the polyp.

according to mayoclinic, only polyp more then 1cm, will be most likely to be cancerous..here..

here found the cause of the polyp, bascially it is due to cholestrol..

The cholesterol polyps form when excessive amounts of cholesterol are laid down in cells beneath the surface of the lining of the gall bladder. They are associated with cholesterol gallstones 50-70% of the time. [source: netdoctor]

here another way of good food practice from netdoctor..basically NO OIL = NO CHOLESTROL..

Many people with gallstones find that some particular foods, especially those which are fatty or oily, make them feel sick and give them pain. A low fat diet can help, preferably including steamed or boiled vegetables, fruit, pasta which is oil free, steamed or poached fish or skinless chicken, grilled lean meat, skimmed milk, soya protein such as tofu, brown bread, various types of beans and pulses such as lentils. You can get advice from your doctor or the hospital dietician. [source: netdoctor]

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