Thursday, July 02, 2009


Googling..Pappa kopitiam on the top list instead of the famous old town..suprise..

they have quite alot of thing on the menu..

no contact number only can email and don't even know where is their office etc...

but they are quite internationally presense..

their new outlet below..

second one is pak li..sound like Pak Ali but it is Pak Bruce Li..

office in Klang..

their menu..

they namage to get the jalan jalan cari makan...

old town..the most famous kopitiam..


long queue to get the franchise..

how much to setup one..600k all in to start the first day business..

next one is hailam..

typical china man presentation cannot match with old town..

hailam outlet as below..

the other is station one..

in the paper the setup cost is about 500k, but when come to real talk, it can eat up to 700-800k easily..

what they offer for food??

where are they about??

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